TEDx at Padova Congress: digital signage, motion graphics and olfactive branding

Jun 3, 2022

On 7 May, TEDxPadova took the stage for the first time at Padova Congress: the event, which has always efficiently used different media, made the most of the potential and unique features of the new congress center. The monitors were used by the organizers to convey different messages dedicated to the program and sponsors through a digital signage system, while the led walls displayed specifically designed images and motion graphics based on the concept of Padova Congress staff and Circuitozero.

The event, also in live streaming, filled 1,565 seats in the Giotto room. The visual and emotional impact was also enhanced by the particular technical setup, with a stage plot created by the TEDx staff, where nothing was left to chance and attention was paid to every detail to maximize the event, thanks to the collaboration between the organizers and Padova Congress staff. The enormous led wall was used in all possible ways: an extraordinary immense white board that gave life to a continuously evolving work that amazed the public with its incredible definition and amplified the speakers who alternated on stage.

Not only: Padova Congress also offers the use of olfactive branding to embellish the event through a third sense apart from sight and sound. In the case of TEDx, a specialized laboratory created an ad hoc scent spread through technological diffusers in the room to evoke emotions related to the topics of the event.