Padova Congress, countdown to the opening, 23 upcoming events for 18,000 attendees

Feb 24, 2022

Sarà la struttura dedicata ad eventi più grande del Veneto, capace di ospitare fino a It will be the biggest events structure in the Veneto region, with a capacity of up to 3,600 people. A unique and flexible space available to the city, an architectural gem with an international calling.

Construction of the new Congress Center of Fiera di Padova, that will be called Padova Congress is in the final stages. The logo of the structure has also been revealed, designed by the agency AIM Communication, a concept featuring colors that refer to the city’s heritage and history, as well as the new website, where all information about upcoming events can be discovered.

Everything is in order to kick off a season of big and small events that will attract thousands of attendees and visitors: 23 congresses and conventions scheduled from now to 2025 that expect 17,900 people. Fifteen of these events will take place in 2022.

«Fairs, not only in Italy, are evolving toward new organization and exhibition models, in line with companies’ new ways of innovating» comments the Mayor of Padua, Sergio Giordani. «Innovation means research, new knowledge that is transmitted to the most dynamic and forward-looking companies. There’s a need for a place that favors this and our exhibition grounds have responded with a variety of functions and services that facilitate contact, I’d dare to say contamination if it didn’t have a negative connotation now, between the world of research and industries. Padova Congress, the new congress center about to make its debut, closes this virtuous cycle – continues the Mayor – by offering a venue conceived for sharing, dialogue and spreading the best experiences in science and industry and much more.

We are thrilled there are already over 20 national and international events scheduled. Padua now offers an unequalled congress center in Italy – concludes Giordani – that will make our city more appealing on every level».

«I can only express enormous satisfaction because a fundamental structure for the development of our territory, which will be a center for all meeting and cultural activities, is about to be completed» comments Fabio Bui, President of the Province of Padua. «Now, and in the next few years, we must be committed to giving content to this work. The economic players must express all possible synergies to make the most of this great opportunity».

«Padua is at the center of a vast area, a metropolis rich in production and manufacturing activity. Its excellence is absolutely tied to the university and research, healthcare, culture and tourism» says the President of Padova Hall Antonio Santocono. «The new Congress Center will be able to meet demand from this territory and above all become a preeminent destination nationally and internationally, in particular for large-scale events. Few cities in Italy can boast such a rich offer.»

«Padova Congress is a key element in an ambitious project that is taking shape – comments Luca Veronesi, General Manager of Padova Hall – which is an events center increasingly characterized as an innovation hub, fusing excellence tied to expos, research, knowledge, and technology transfer. The new congress center will be an open structure that constantly interacts with citizens, but above all a magnet for thousands of visitors and attendees who will fuel the city’s service industry.»

Strategically located on the Fiera di Padova exhibition grounds, easily accessible with ample parking facilities, the new Padova Congress center can host up to 3,600 people overall. An important addition to the city, a milestone and decisive step toward consolidating the growth in congress activity volumes recorded in the last years.


Designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and conceived as a multifunctional and flexible container, the structure is 130 meters long, 23 meters high and 45 meters wide. This impressive building, 12,000 square meters in all, houses various modular rooms: the largest is Giotto with 1,565 seats and equipped with the most advanced multimedia technology in Europe. The Mantegna Room seats 988 people and there are also six multifunctional rooms. Capacity is variable as the rooms can be transformed into tens of different combinations thanks to the modular mobile panels. The center is also equipped with a modern press room, a restaurant with terrace and a bistrot. Adjacent spaces on the exhibition grounds can also be used when there are greater numbers of attendees.


Although Padova Congress has not been inaugurated yet, 23 events have already been scheduled until 2025, with at least 17,900 attendees expected. Tens of others are being planned and will be confirmed after the official opening. Padova Congress will host a range of events: conferences, scientific conventions, national and international medical-scientific seminars, conventions and congresses, and corporate meetings. Some of these events also entail an exhibition. Current bookings range from 250 to 2000 attendees per event. Candidates for event promoters was made possible thanks to the precious international promotion activities carried out by the Padova Convention & Visitors Bureau.