Padua Congress marks the first ten years of TEDx, between inspirational moment and multimedia event

Mar 26, 2023

From motion graphics broadcast on a 140-square-meter ledwall to olfactory branding that adds a third sensory dimension to the event. The new Padua Hall Convention Center is relying on multimedia equipment among the most advanced in Europe to attract an ever-increasing number of conference attendees: less than a year after its inauguration, there have already been 60 events, with the participation of more than 30,000 conference attendees drawn to the City of the Saint thanks to a veritable boom in requests that have come from national and international organizers. Upcoming events, scheduled for Saturday, April 15, include the first 10-year anniversary of TEDx Padova, which returns to Padua Congress after last year’s success and promises to make the most of its full technological potential.

The common thread of the event will be precisely the Ten, which will also be the number of the figures who will take turns on stage to tell the audience about their innovative ideas capable of bringing a change of vision and opening new and different perspectives from the ordinary. Already in 2022, the monitors of the structure were all used by the organizers, through the digital signage system, with diversified messages dedicated from time to time to the program and sponsors, while the large ledwall was interpreted in all its potential, thanks to the staff of Padova Congress and Circuitozero: an immense extraordinary white board that gave life to a constantly evolving work capable of surprising with the extraordinary definition of its images and amplifying the words of the speakers who took turns on stage. On that occasion, participants were also surprised by the use of olfactory branding: a specialized workshop created ad hoc a scent diffused through the technological perfumers in the room to evoke or arouse emotions closely related to the themes at the center of the event.