1200 attendees at Ascom Padova’s huge kermesse

Apr 15, 2024

Big celebration in Padova Congress with 1200 attending Ascom Confcommercio Padova’s big kermesse.

Culture and social issues were the other topics that Confcommercio Ascom Padova President Patrizio Bertin addressed, recalling the “garrison” of Padua Confcommercio in these two areas with the “Memo Geremia” sports literary prize on the one hand and support for Vimm research on the other. The closing speech was a bit of a “launch” for the show that concluded the event: celebrated soundtracks masterfully interpreted by the international group “Aria,” a group rewarded with thunderous applause and standing ovations especially when the music of Ennio Morricone was interpreted and the huge screen of Padova Congress showed, among others, images from the film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

Earlier, with Mediaset journalist Gaia Padovan conducting, Mayor Sergio Giordani, Chamber of Commerce President Antonio Santocono, Senator Antonio De Poli and, with a filmed message, Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso spoke. This was followed by a speech by the President of the Veneto Regional Council, Luca Zaia.

Bringing together the ideas of an afternoon dedicated to the pride and commitment of small and medium-sized service sector businesses, which will increase in an area that will struggle to find employable resources between now and 2040, partly because the demographic winter will make all its dangerous effects felt, was the evocative speech by Confcommercio’s national president, Carlo Sangalli.

The final moment of renewing appointments that saw Ascom Confcommercio of Padua “veer” considerably toward a significant presence of women and young people, the big party at the Congress Center was also an opportunity to introduce the members of the new Board of Directors